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Kyle G’s Kitchen is a passion project for me. Having a space that allows freedom from the everyday confines of a menu and a specified regiment that a successful restaurant needs allows us to host the most intimate and private events possible. The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. It’s where we nourish our family. It’s where we have some of the most intimate moments and conversations.


We gather, toast, prepare meals for celebrations, and sneak that extra snack when no one is looking. The kitchen to me represents passion, experimentation, temptation, care, necessity, inspiration and some of my best memories. Growing up, my father and I would sit at the counter in our tiny kitchen and just stay up and chat well into the mornings. These “fireside chats” as an adolescent really helped me frame the individual I would work hard to be. This is why I decided to have an intimate space, to share these emotions with our guests.

The most exciting part to me is that we can use this space to give back to our community by doing what I love most: Serving Smiles One Plate at a Time. Not only is “the Kitchen ” available to our guests for their private moments, business or personal, but we also welcome the non profit community into our kitchen as a resource to assist with hosting events through collaboration dinners and events. Here’s a toast to building lifelong memories, experiences and inspiring those around us to stop and enjoy our loved ones and celebrate life.


Kyle Greene

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